Let us take a moment to explain to you what the SpectraVision does; why we may suggest it for you; and how it may help you.

  • SpectraVision is fast: 144 questions every 2 seconds!
  • SpectraVision scans thousands of signals in only a few minutes.
  • Each signal is tested 8 times! It is extremely accurate! And measures the body responses 5 different ways!

Technically speaking, the SpectraVision measures the asymmetrical distribution of probability amplitudes of non-cognitive space-time events representing the somatic responses of metabolized cellular experiences, which collectively precipitate a three-dimensional holographic model of memory.

Does your brain hurt after reading that — mine did at first, but don’t worry, it’s really not all that complicated once you put it in plain English.

Every cell in your body can communicate with one another using electromagnetic signals much like a cell phone does. The SpectraVision can communicate with your body by using these same low level electrical signals to help uncover energy patterns that may be interfering in your quest for health. The scan begins with the computer asking your cells thousands of questions at a rate of 144 questions every 2 seconds. These questions are asked 8 times each, understanding that we often do not easily release buried information, so repetition helps bring the information to the surface. These “replies” come as a positive, negative, or neutral answer, which are in turn picked up by the SpectraVision, processed and rated using complex computer algorithms. We then use that information to build a homeopathic formula that will help release the primary negative energy patterns that were found during the initial scan.

In building your homeopathic formulas, we first identify your baseline energy. We will test for which homeopathic remedies your body recognizes as most useful to improve your energetic balance. These remedies are then “tuned” to your specific energetic needs.

During the course of the scan, please feel free to share any ideas you become aware of. Sometimes those passing thoughts may include useful information. To expedite the process, it is best to save curiosity questions until the end.

After the scan, please feel free to call with any questions or concerns. Some patients experience fatigue, some feel a burst of energy, and some may recognize detox symptoms. All of these are normal. Please call and let us know if you have any questions.

Additional Information About SpectraVision

The SpectraVision’s evaluation process scans for stressful influences of toxic substances. Some of the numerous testing categories are airborne allergies, bacteria, food allergies, viruses, parasites, yeast, mold, fungus, dental materials, hormones, chemicals, vaccination toxicity, environmental and industrial pollution, pesticides, metals and many more. Each substance within the selected list of categories is then Bio-feedback tested against the body’s electrical system.

SpectraVision also scans and tests for beneficial substances such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, Bach flower remedies, essential oils, Asian herbs and homeopathic remedies. It discovers the irritants within the body and tests to find remedies to help restore health.

The testing and the responses are recorded within the computer and the reactions will provide the practitioner with what is known as a “galvanic skin response” to the testing of the body’s organ systems. You will receive a printout of the information obtained. SpectraVision demonstrates the patient’s stressed organs) and glands of involvement that require care and support and develops a supportive plan of action for the conditions found.

It’s important to note the amount of current is so minuscule you feel nothing as it is happening. You can even view the responses to the test on the computer screen