Life Patterns

How do you feel when life gives you what do not want? When the things you fear in relationships, and life happen, how do you explain the repeating behaviors in each set of circumstances in your life? Have you ever wondered why? How do I keep this from continually happening in my life? Am I cursed or always doomed to fail? Have my current decisions and actions failed me to the point I no longer have clear cut answers as to what is best for me? Do these questions sound familiar?

Life patterns are the reasons behind the behaviors in everyone’s life. These behaviors can be devastating in personal life, relationships, business, social settings, marriage, and even to a person’s self esteem. Life patterns cans be resolved through sessions of QNRT. Everyone has the right to happiness. Through commitment and effort, everyone has the ability to change. Subtle changes in behavior can lead to bigger changes in life.

Five fundamental needs must be met in order for everyone to succeed in life.

  1. Basic Safety
  2. Autonomy
  3. Self Esteem
  4. Self Expression
  5. Realistic Limits

If any of the above fundamental needs are not met during a person’s early development, a set of coping mechanisms is established to deal with the deficiency. Coping mechanisms can form negative life patterns, some easily identifiable and some not, which cause self sabotaging behaviors. Everyone has these unconscious behaviors that are used every day.

These behaviors help form the core of beliefs used to cope with the loss of fundamental needs. These beliefs give us understanding of the world around us and help us survive in an imperfect environment. As people mature, the core beliefs become obstacles in life. Such rigid standards are set with these negative patterns that subtle self sabotage is used to verify an individual’s core beliefs. As a result, the things we do not want to happen, happen anyway because our behavior drives us to create an outcome that suites our belief system. We become our own obstacle. QNRT sessions help reset behaviors to help individuals in all aspects of life.

Undergoing QNRT will identify the emotional conflict, situation, and age these patterns were first established. The core beliefs resulting from these patterns can be identified as how they helped a person survive and understand how it no longer serves them. When the old pattern is broken and a new pattern is constructed, it is life changing. It is time to eliminate old, negative thought processes and replace them with new processes that fit today’s circumstances. Proper changes can lead to a healthier and happier future.